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When it comes to pulling a look together,

it’s the little things that count. A scarf, a bag or a belt can change a look, donning a pair of trendy dark sunglasses can leave you feeling mysterious. Accessories are brilliant for smartening up a wardrobe and helping you feel good.

One of the best ways to update a look is to invest in gorgeous accessories and this season there are some brilliant ideas out there which includes a kaleidoscope of colours: outrageously big colourful bags, eye catching scarves and a brilliant choice of fashion shoes!

Make a Style Statement with a Scarf

A gorgeous colourful and cheery woollen scarf can keep you nice and toasty when the weather is chilly. An elegant silk scarf adds a finishing touch to an evening look, an eye-catching on-trend printed or plain scarf can dress up a casual look just enough to turn a few heads. Matching them to an outfit, bag and ladies shoes has to be fun.

Matching up Your Accessories

With such a great choice of colours this season, it’s fun to match up a scarf, handbag and ladies shoes. For that casual look, neon colours with easy wear outfits like skinny jeans and studded pumps married to a colourful loose shirt and tailored jacket  – add a leather studded bag and make sure it’s a massive and stylish one to complete the look. For a flair of colour, wrap a silk printed scarf around your neck to finish off a wonderfully colourful casual look.

Go Bright, Go Neon

Summer time and the hotter weather means livening up a look – go bright and go neon using fluorescent clothes which you need to accessorise making sure everything you choose to go with your outfit is bigger and brighter than ever before.

Hot colours includes bright pink, lime green and citron yellow – but for the ladies who are a little ‘colour’ shy – there are some gorgeous neutrals out there too. A colourful scarf, a brightly coloured handbag or a bright hue coloured pair of ladies shoes, adds the splash of colour to complete a gorgeous look.

Because colours are so bright this season,

the best way to incorporate neons into a look is through accessories.  A neon handbag is the perfect choice of accessory to match up to an outfit and then add a scarf – to finish the look off, choose a bright coloured pair of ladies shoes – gladiators are brilliant this season and make sure the colour of your footwear mimics the colour of your bag and scarf.

Contrasting is Good

Opposites attract and this is so true of colours this season – go black and neon, these opposites look great when paired together. The best way to do this is to wear something black and then use a neon coloured scarf to brighten up your look – add to this a contrasting coloured bag and ladies shoes – it’s an elegant, stylish and continental look that’s so in vogue.

For evening wear – a black halter-

neck dress is a great choice and it’s one you can easily contrast with layers of neon coloured fabrics – yellow is brilliant. Neons and neutrals, fashionistas are really spoilt for choice this season – having a bit of fun with a look has just been made that much easier too which includes choosing a wonderfully colourful pair of ladies shoes!

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