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Etnies Mens Fuerte Eco Friendly Skate Shoe-sell gp

Throughout the years, 

Etnies Mens Fuerte Eco Friendly Skate shoes have been manufactured from all sorts of materials  from faux leather to authentic animal hide. 
In an effort to be more eco-friendly, however, innovative designers nowadays are coming up with shoe lines that are made from sustainable materials.

Australian Kids Clothes


After witnessing a friend get badly injured and become bedridden after a high-heel induced accident, British inventor/designer, Michael Stead, created After-heels – ballet flats that can be worn as slippers to replace high-heels after-the-party. The body is made of sustainable material that is as biodegradable as an oak leaf, while the insole (made from polypropylene) is recyclable. The waterproof outer layer is supported by protective insoles strong enough to protect against glass and other sharp objects. And the best thing about them is that they can be folded to fit into a cigarette case. In fact, the designer is using old vending machines to dispense these shoes in nightclubs across the UK and for an affordable price of only 39$ per pair.

Beyond Skin

At first glance, you can easily see how Beyond Skin used suede for the collection. But you will be surprised to know what the sued-like material, called Dinamica, is actually made from – 100% recycled PET, including recycled plastic bottle. Compared to conventional materials used in shoe-making, Beyond Skin’s choice of material actually reduces carbon emissions by over 50%. Despite the ruggedness of the material used, the shoes are actually soft and flexible, yet waterproof and very durable at the same time. The brand has created boots and shoes for different occasions and in different colours, too!

Pauline In Love

A fresh addition to comfortable canvass shoes is the Pauline In Love line. Similar in style to TOMS shoes, Pauline In Love features shoes with cobra skin print, which is actually made from 100% organic cotton – the same pesticide- and herbicide-free cotton used for Australian Kids Clothes. That’s in addition to the leather and melange jersey styles. The best thing about this product is that it supports micro-shoe companies from Latin America and all the proceeds go to a microcredit fund which lends loans to local workers.

Hetty Rose

Ever wondered how a kimono would feel, err, on your feet? Well, that’s a feeling you will come to know when you slip on a pair of Hetty Rose peep toes, pumps, and ballet flats. The printed fabrics used in the shoes are actually recycled from authentic vintage Japanese kimonos that were damaged and beyond repair. Each of the shoes is handmade so shoe lovers can choose from a variety of prints and designs that are unique from each other.

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