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When it comes to slippers for men,

there are many growing style trends that are picking up steam! For instance, many men are choosing a moccasin style slipper that provides full coverage for each foot. Men appreciate this style for the warmth it provides on winter evenings spent at home. Find out some other popular style trends in mens slippers.

Some men are choosing slippers with a waterproof interior. They want a slipper that will not let water in if they go outside with the dog or walk to the end of the driveway for the newspaper. A slipper with this sort of protection saves a man from having to dry his feet off or wear wet slippers! Men enjoy the moccasin style slipper combined with the practicality of a waterproof inner lining.

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Men are buying slippers that feature a rubber sole.

This allows them to feel confident as they walk across any surface whether it’s the garage floor or the kitchen tile. In addition, the rubber sole keeps water from touching the material on the body of the slipper. This helps to maintain the attractive appearance of the slippers. Men looking for quality slippers with these features may want to look at the Ugg slippers for men at

Many men are selecting slippers that are two tone in color. They often choose slippers featuring two shades of the same color such as brown. This gives the slippers the extra bit of style that many men are searching for

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