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Plus Size Solid Bodycon plus size club dresses women

  • Don't bulk up

Plus Size Solid Bodycon plus size club dresses women Many plus sizes commit the cardinal sin of attempting to hide their bodies under layers of loose clothing. Don't. It only makes you look shapeless and masculine. Head to a quality women's clothes retailer and treat yourself to a beautiful, long coat instead.

• Get into accessories

Dressing well and looking your best is all about taking the viewers attention away from what you don't want them to see and drawing it to what you like about yourself and accessories can help you to achieve that. Big earrings or necklaces pull the eyes from a solid trunk and a great pair of shoes can showcase slim ankles and good legs.

• Think posture.

Years of feeling like you're the only size 26 woman on the planet has possibly left you slouching and trying to pull yourself into the ground. This only makes you look shorter and fatter. Stand tall, throw back your shoulders and be proud. You're beautiful and it's time you recognised it!

Buying the right women's clothes for your size and shape is a nightmare for many ladies, but it can become an overwhelming prospect for many people in the 12 – 36 size range. If you are looking for further plus size fashion advice, check out sell gp for more tips and pointers.

  • Regardless of you dress size and how you feel about your body,

many women, whether rightly or wrongly, don't like the whole high street shopping experience, where you might encounter unsympathetic sales staff and the horror of a changing room struggle. Don't despair. There are heaps of online women's clothes retailers and many of them specialise in plus size clothing, so make a list of all your (truthful) measurements, sit down in front of a computer and take the plunge. You could find it a totally liberating way of buying women's clothing.

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