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Plus Size Solid Bodycon Business Womens Short Sleeve

  • Plus Size Solid Bodycon Business Womens Short Sleeve Magazines may be full of images of super skinny models and celebrities,

but thankfully the real world is actually populated by healthy women with an average dress size of 14 in most Western countries. The reality of bigger ladies has led to an explosion in the demand for plus size womens clothing and clothes designers and manufacturers are quickly coming to realise that if they don't include plus sizes in their clothing collections, they are missing out on a substantial share of the women's clothes market.

Being plus sized once meant a wardrobe full of drab,

shapeless tops and dresses in dreary earth tones. Thankfully that has changed, with many high street clothes shops now stocking ladies clothing beyond 14 size and a number of specialist retailers opening up who manufacture clothes specifically for plus sizes. These days having a full figure doesn't mean that you should hide away, but rather that you should get out there and make the most of your voluptuousness and there are more and more women's retailers who are stocking plus size fashion which accentuates your curves and nips in you lumps.

Plus Dresses – what was once an act of camouflage,

trying to cover as much of your bigger body as possible with a voluminous swathe of fabric, has become working with your shape to make you feel feminine and attractive. Both wrap dresses and those with a cinch waist can work wonders on a plus size woman. If you have a larger frame, be careful of hemlines – skimming just below the knee is often best for plus size dresses. Many full figured ladies are fortunate enough to have boobs. Seriously girls, if you're got cleavage, work it! A scooped or v neckline high lights glorious décolletage and distracts from a thicker waist. Another plus dress winner is to stick to darker shades of blue, red, purple and good old black as these tones absorb light and give an impression of slimness.

Support Underwear – it might not sound all that glamorous,

but support underwear can be a girl's best friend when it comes to taming bumps and controlling lumps. Any successful women's outfit starts with wise lingerie shopping and this is no different for plus sizes. If you have a curvaceous body, good support bras and control knickers are a must. For disguising a bulging tummy but still looking hot in the bedroom, how about a slinky silk camisole, which skims your waist, and a pair of matching French knickers? Support pantyhose are great for sucking in wayward thighs and giving a sleek line under a skirt or pants. And don't be fooled into thinking that support underwear is all wiring, elastic, beige and constricted breathing – as with other areas of the plus sized ladies wardrobe, this department of women's clothing has been drastically revamped with satins and silks, lace and bows to make you feel sexy and love your body.

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