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women sterling silver cubic zirconia necklace sellgp

women sterling silver cubic zirconia necklace Every woman will feel proud after owning a gorgeous pearl necklace.

Starting from casual dresses to formal business wear, pearl necklaces can be worn around the neck to flatter ones appearance. If maintained properly, the necklace will not lose its shine and looks for many years. First time pearl jewelry owners must realize the importance of a sterling silver and should take more care. As the pearl jewelry is affordable, you can assemble multiple pearl sets matching your special occasion dresses. Pearls are considered as precious gemstones as long as they have the shine and luster.

Pearls are great for special occasions,

But that does not mean you cannot wear pearl necklaces frequently. To maintain the luscious coating, you have to keep the pearl jewelry away from acid, alkaline, and other harsh chemicals. Pearls will lose their shine when they are exposed to heavy perspiration. If you wear pearls regularly, don’t forget to remove the jewelry when you bathe or workout in the gym. Water weakens the silk thread that combines the pearls. Also, pearls should not be exposed to direct sunlight. If you are out for an active picnic under the sun, avoid wearing pearl jewelry. Pearls cannot withstand shock and they must not be worn during hard labor.

Pearls cannot withstand heavy chemicals and hence,

Don¡¯t use hair lotions or perfumes in the areas where the pearl jewelry are worn. When you are using makeup, the pearl jewelry must be the last item you wear. It should be the first item that you remove after you return home. Once you come home, remove the pearl jewelry first even before you relax. Then, you have to use a soft damp cloth to clean the pearls gently. Never use any solution to wash the pearls even though it is recommended by the seller. Any chemical can harm the pearls and a soft cloth should be used. After wiping the pearls with soft damp cloth, you have to dry the pearls by placing the jewel on a clean cloth. You should not use any sponge or any other rough surface to wipe dirt off the pearls.

Pearl jewelry must be stored in a jewel box that has compartments.

When the pearls are stored with other jewelry, the surface will get scratches as a result of collision. Pearls dehydrate and lose the shine when they are always stored in tight boxes. You have to take the jewelry out frequently and allow air to maintain the looks. Cultured pearls are smaller in size and jewelry made with such pearls is more delicate. You have to store them in the appropriate boxes after usage. Some manufacturers advise you to change the silk thread of cultured necklaces once a year, to keep the necklace intact.

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