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sterling silver genuine white topaz earrings and pendant set

sterling silver genuine white topaz earrings and pendant set  You are a young women in your mid 20s, a working professional .

A business suit is what will suit you the best, If you are a lady in your 30s the best dress for your office wear would be a plain cotton suit or may be a saaree. Well you have got so many options to choose from but something out there in the market complements whatever you wear that something is for your ears, Silver earrings. The exceptionally high variety of designs in this segment gives you an opportunity to pick the right one.

You have to be very careful as to what you are wearing in your office

After all its your social Playground No matter what kind of business you are in there is one thing common to all offices and that is the environment, your dress up is according to that environment and Silver Earrings complements that office environment. Weather its studs or chandelier this precious soft metal is the perfect choice for one and all. A study shows that 75% of working women prefer silver over gold due to the grace it has and it complements all kinds of other metals or gems.

Working women are not the only ones giving preference to silver over any other metal

even in the fashionable world of youngsters (Girls) silver jewellery has made a strong presence. The two styles of earrings popular amongst teens are pierced & Clip-on and silver is great in making both the styles. There is only one thing in silver which is less and that is its price. The price of silver earring depends upon various factors like


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