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As we all know, jeans is a piece of clothing that is loved by both men and women. While, do you know the difference between men and women? If the answer is negative, we are glad to tell you more things about this issue.

Generally speaking,

 the cut and size of the jeans are the biggest differences between men’s and women’s jeans. Sometimes, the materials and embellishments will also be different for both genders. All these factors will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. When it comes to the selection of the jeans, some people may find that jeans marketed to opposite gender sometimes fit them better.

To start with, we will talk about the sizing differences.

 When it comes to men’s jeans, they are sized in waist and length measurements universally. Usually, they are available in 32-34 inches. For those countries that do not use inches to display sizes, the size can be labeled “86-81?.

As to the women’s sizing, it tends to be a little bit more complicated.

 The sizes of the women jeans usually is indicated with a single number. In some countries, such as the United States, use a numerical sizing scheme to indicate the size. Since the numbers that is used to indicate the size of the pants usually depends on the manufacturer, the sizes aren’t really standardized. In order to make sure that you can select the most suitable pairs, one need try the jeans on.

Finally, we will discuss the styles and cuts difference. 

It is true that jeans designed for women tend to be more precisely cut and embellished when it is compared with the jeans intended for men, although different designers have different goals and specifications. The lines of the women jeans are often wider in the hips, tighter in the thigh and may flare out at the ankle. As to men’s jeans, they are made with baggy seat and roomy crotch.