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best online plus size womens clothing stores

Youre a young professional, 

a bit overweight and you are looking for the right suit that would fit you for your first job. You have no knowledge on what kind of clothes you should look for. What should you do?

Here are a few suggestions for you.

 Hopefully these tips would be helpful for you, in your quest for the best suit that would complement your slightly overweight body when you shop in stores.

Wear suits that fit you perfectly.

 Do not buy plus size suits that are either too small or too big for you since they would either make you look big and huge. Make sure that you buy the suit that fits well, not too tight or not too loose, which mean the suit has to fit you right. Either way, if you buy a suit that is too small for you, it would make you look huge or the same thing is true if you buy a suit that’s slightly big for you.

Choose dark colored suits to give you the illusion of thinness. 

Wearing dark plus size suits would hide your bulges. It would give you the illusion of a curvaceous figure and make you look a bit thinner than your usual self. Dark suits are also good since they give a sense for formality and strength. They also would help you highlight your beautiful skin and the neatness of your entire wardrobe should you be able to pull it out well.

Wear suits that are cut perfectly for your body type. 

Plus size suits come in different shapes. Make sure you choose the right cut for you to complement your body perfectly. Although it would be nice to experiment with the different cuts, there are some which may not be very good for you. It would be nice to have those pleated suits at times, but make sure that they perfectly fit you, other wise you would look too big or your bulges would show if you do not choose well. Hip hugging suits are also nice, but if you have huge hips they might not be that very good for you, since they would highlight your huge hips. Then you may choose those that are not so hip hugging but cut above the hip, to remove the highlight on the hip.

Have your suits tailored.

  Having your plus size suits tailored would definitely give you the suit that you want. If you have your suits tailored, the seamstress or the tailor would take the exact size of your body. You would be able to make your own demands about how the suit would look like and what things you want the suit to have. Having it done by the tailor would help you get the suit perfectly suited for you body. Everything would be perfectly fitted for you and the designs that you want to have in your suits can be made by the tailor.

You have finished looking for the right plus size suit, what should be next to make that good impression on you first day at the office.

Have your suits ironed or dry cleaned.

 Before wearing the suit to the office make sure you have it cleaned and ironed. Ironed suit looks great and it looks very clean. Make it a habit to iron your suits or have it dry cleaned before you wear it. This would exude the sense of responsibility and neatness once you wear it. And besides you do not want to appear crumpled once you go to your office on the first day of work. It is best the plus size suits are cleaned properly and ironed so that  they would look good on you once you put them on and you would look good in them.

Buy accessories that would complement the suit. 

Make sure you have the right accessories for your suit. If you have a navy blue suit, make sure that your shoes and bags or belts would complement the suit. If you want to stay on the safe side, make sure you have black leathers for you shoes and bags to complete that corporate look that you want to emulate. Make sure everything is perfectly coordinated and complements each other.

Make sure your hair and make up are done properly.

 To complement the entire suit and corporate look, do your hair and make up properly. If you have a long hair, you may wish to pull it back and  tie it and put on a light make- up for work. If you have a short hair, dry it and put on light daytime make-up.

I hope these simple tips would help you pick the right plus size suit for you and achieve that winning corporate look for your first corporate job.