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makeup revolution fast base stick foundation for oily skin

makeup revolution fast base It is critical to choose the most ideal
makeup base shade that will perfectly match your skin tone. Choosing the right one can be quite intimidating since there are so many shades to choose from. The colors range from the lightest of colors for the palest of skin to really dark shades for the darkest of skin tones. So remember to choose meticulously. If you choose a foundation that does not complement your complexion, your makeup will end up not looking good no matter how perfectly you apply it.

When you go shopping for a makeup base,
try it out first under natural daylight. This way you can see exactly how the shade will look like on your skin.
It’s highly recommended not to test the foundation on your wrist or hand. Remember that your face is usually not the same color as your hand or arm. 
The best way to test the shade of a foundation is to dab a little of it on your jaw line. This way you can see if the color matches your face as well as your neck. If the foundation shade seems like it doesn’t even look like it’s there, then you have found the most ideal makeup base color for you.

You might want to consider going for a slightly darker makeup base during the summer time. Our skin naturally tans in this season, even if you do not go out much.

The Best Way to Apply Makeup Base

Always apply makeup base to a freshly cleaned and moisturized face. Make sure that your hands are clean  too. You should put on moisturizer that is appropriate to your skin type and leave it on for a couple of minutes. You might have to leave it on longer if you have extra dry skin. Do not apply makeup base right after putting moisturizer. Wait at least 10 minutes before you do so as to ensure that the moisturizer has been effectively absorbed by the skin

If you plan to put on a concealer, 

you should do this before you apply your makeup base. Apply concealer minimally and your concealer should be a slightly lighter shade than your foundation.

Several women insist on using their fingers to apply foundation. I recommend that you use a sponge instead. This is more hygienic. Besides, using your fingers can result to an uneven and greasy finish. For easier application, lightly dampen your sponge. This way your sponge won’t soak up too much makeup base and your application would be smoother to the skin.

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