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woman jewelries pendant necklace silver chain

There is no doubt that jewelry is something that we must have in our wardrobe. And,

we usually can choose different types of jewelry to enhance our beauty and make a fashion statement according to our preference and the occasion we are going to attend. Due to various factors, less expensive costume jewelry, expensive stones and metals jewelry as well as the unique designer jewelry are all worth of considering. This article will introduce you some types of the jewelry.

Generally speaking,

common pieces of jewelry include pendants, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and earrings( including pierced styles and clip-on styles). Other than these common jewelry, some jewelry pieces that fit into more extreme piercings also can be seen in the market, including nasal piercings, eyebrow rings, navel rings, lip rings, tongue rings and so on.

When it comes to the selection of the jewelries,

there are many things need be taken into consideration. And, the type of metal that the jewelry is made of is one the most important thing. You may have noticed that most of the jewelry pieces are made of gold, silver, platinum or titanium. As to the body piercings, to prevent oxidation of the metal and a subsequent infection, many people tend to choose surgical-grade titanium and stainless steel.

If you have metal allergies,

you can choose a surgical-grade plastic models alternative. Tungsten carbide can also be used to make jewelries. Usually, we can see many kinds of the wedding bands that are made of this material.

This kind of wedding band can bring many advantage.

it is always appear shiny and new and is quite durable and scratch-resistant.

As to another common material–gold, there are several types that can be chose. The most common type of the material is yellow gold, and it is usually alloyed with base metals. White gold also appeals to people. White gold rings are very 
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