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hip hop clothing Hiphop Dance Jogger Casual Tracksuit Set Long Sleeve

especially among young generations.

As a matter of fact, hip hop culture emerged in the late 1970s. Its popularity bring a distinct style of dress, which is called hip hop clothes. At the beginning, hip hop clothing was a reflection of the social statement of hip hop music. Hip hop clothing credited as being a style with entirely American origins. And, it has now possessed global popularity.

This article will tell you more things about hip hop clothing.

You may have known that the styles of hip clothes in the early 1980s when hip hop clothing started to make a place for itself in the world of fashion is quite different from that in today. During that time, people usually choose name-brand track suit to create a hip hop dressing style. These clothing items are usually in large sizes and not be form fitting. And, they are usually designed in bright hues. As to the accessories, the most commonly seen ones are heavy jewelry, heavy chains and large sunglasses, which is called Cazals. As to the footwear, Kangol,

Pro-Keds and Adidas sneakers are very popular.

The hip hop clothing became a bit more mainstream than it had originally been in the early 1990s. And, there is a tendency that hip hop clothing has becoming increasingly popular with the youth. At the same time,

hip hop style can also be seen on runaways of the high fashion world.

Many big-name designers including Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, began to markedly include hip hop clothing in their lines during the 1990s. During this time, more dressy clothing item including silk shirts and double-breasted suits are also become a part of the hip hop style.

The 1990s also marked the break from clothing styles that were similarly worn by both men and women. At present, flannel shirts, big pants and over-sized garments are all part of hip hop clothing.
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