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Dangle earrings for women sterling silver design

you will find that there are many styles of the items you can choose.

This article will introduce you the dangle earrings–one of the most popular styles of earrings.

Generally, any earrings that are fixed to the ear by a post or hook can be called dangle earrings, no matter the earrings are made of glass, resin, metal or something else. As long as the designs of the earrings can dangle down from the earlobe, they are considered to be dangle earrings.

As to the length of dangle earrings, they can be various.

Some of the earrings are quite long and reach to the tops of the shoulders, some of the earrings just below the bottom of the earlobes. Sometimes, you can find stunning pieces that are designed with the length of pasting the shoulders. Since this styles of the earrings brush across the tops of the shoulders while the wearer moves, they are also called shoulder sweepers.

You may have noticed that dangle earrings usually have one or more strands that hang down from the earlobes.

The most simple dangle earrings are usually made of a simple metal chain. While, for complex designs, multiple strands will be used. What’s more, these strands are usually quite embellished. The rhinestones, beads, or enamel charms of the dangle earrings can accent the wearer’s appearance.

After knowing much information about dangle earrings,

you may eager to select some pieces of dangle earrings for yourself, and the costs of the earrings maybe one of the most important factor you have to consider. In fact, the cost of dangle earrings can vary quite a bit based on its materials,

brands and designs.

Usually, dangle earrings which are made of expensive material usually quite expensive. And of course, some dangle earrings designed by the world famous brands are often charged high. While, no matter what you choose, the best idea is to keep the budget in your mind and selecting the flattering piece.
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Update at 2021-09-30 15:04:13