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Choosing Your Makeup Base

Choosing Your Makeup Base – Brand, Coverage and Finish

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  • Item Form    Cream
  • Brand    RONKIE
  • Product Benefits    Bright,Moisturizing
  • Specific Uses For Product    Blemish, Redness, Inflammation
  • Skin Type    Normal 

There is a wide array of makeup base foundations available today.

There are foundations that provide sheer to heavy coverage. You will also find foundations that have different kinds of finishes from ultra matte to satin. And not to mention the hundreds of makeup brands to choose from. At this point, you have to decide what kind of coverage, finish and of course the brand name you prefer. It all boils down to your personal choice.

If you are the all-natural look kinda girl,

then you might want to consider a water-based or powder foundation. This makeup base provides sheer coverage. It applies quite easily but it still gives that even color effect. This kind of foundation is perfect for day wear. It’s the foundation that feels like it isn’t even there.

Liquid makeup base are for women who are looking for extra coverage.

This kind of foundation accompanied by some form of concealer can effectively conceal blemishes and age spots. And yes, it works well in covering up wrinkles, too. The good kind of liquid makeup base usually consists of a moisturizing agent, acne controlling solution, a mattifying feature and some even have age-defying substances.

When it comes to choosing the best makeup base brand,

you might want to stay clear of unknown products. Although they may appear to be the cheapest kind, these kinds of foundations are known to clog the pores and even cause skin irritation. The good brand names are those that are popular. They have been tried and tested and of course, they are famous for a reason.

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