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Best face wash for acne and oily skin uk online shopping

Discover the Best Face Wash for Acne

If you have persistent acne, you know how painful it is to deal with it. Finding the right and best face wash for acne can help alleviate or eliminate the skin problem and make you looking good again. This is very important if you want an acne free face and you are someone who cares very much about your look. This is especially true if you are a teenager and want to keep your face clear, fresh and beautiful.

Having acne is embarrassing,

bar none. Although you can hide scars and other skin problems underneath your clothes, you cannot hide your face. These unwanted infections can strike individuals of any sex or age.

The analysis that follows will help you decide what the best acne face wash is for you.
What Causes Acne?

Persistent pimple breakouts are results of a skin disorder called acne.

The combination of oil, dirt and bacteria inside the pores cause that irritating inflammation in the face. Development of these is an upshot of blockages in the follicles.

Using scientific terms, acne is the enlargement of the subcutaneous glands due to an increase in sebum generation. For a regular person, it is a menace – to the personal appearance and self-esteem.

Acne can be caused by hormone level shifts during menstruation,

pregnancies, menopause and other ailments. Since hormone secretion becomes more active during adolescence, younger individuals tend to be more prone to acne. Hormones that are associated with this skin disorder include testosterone, androgens and growth hormones. Prescription medicine that treats certain illness can also trigger excess oil production in the skin that will eventually clog the pores.

Acne breakouts are also tied with psychological factors,

stress being the number one culprit. Studies revealed of positive correlation of stress levels to severity of this skin disease. Stress has become a common issue faced by many if not all people these days. Pressure from family problems, relationships, school and work are common root course of stress.

There is also this one misconception that will surely delight chocolate-lovers out there.

There is no direct correlation that experts found between acne breakouts and consumption of chocolates (or peanut butter). Then again, it is still beneficial to always eat in moderation.

You could also be unlucky and inherit genes that are linked to causing acne.

This is something that you cannot veer away from. But, you can always prevent breakouts with the right treatments or preventive solutions.
Review of the Top 5 Face Wash for Acne

While you can cover acne with make-up and concealers,

the use of face wash for acne with medicinal ingredients is your best defense from breakouts. Below you will find our top 5 picks for overall best face wash for acne along with a more detailed review of each.

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