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Fine Women's Makeup

makeupCosmetics are very important to women. Looking our best is very important to us. Most of us have a specific brand or style of cosmetics which we purchase. And we all like to apply makeup.

Beauty care is important. Your appearance is what is seen first so we will discuss the lips, eyes, and face.

The lips are different from our skin in that they contain a lower lever of melanin.

This means they are vulnerable to sunburn more extensively than our skin. So, take care of your lips and keep them moisturized. Use a lip balm or gloss with a Sun protection factor to keep your lips in good condition. Applying and choosing lip makeup can take on a variety of styles. You can use a lip primer or foundation. Apply that over all the upper and lower lip area. Next, use a lip liner. Be sure your lip liner is close in color to your lipstick or the lip liner will contrast with the lipstick. Next, apply your lipstick smoothly and carefully. Then blot your lips on tissue.  Apply more lipstick if necessary.

Eyes can take on a variety of cosmetic makeup styles.

Cosmetic eye makeup, applied properly, can really make the distinction in a crowd. The eyes are usually first primed with an eye foundation. Prime the lid, eyebrows, and lashes with an eye makeup brush. Gently sweep it over the area being careful not to get any foundation in your eyes. This will help hold the makeup and keep it from smearing.

Apply eye shadow over the lids sweeping gently with an eye shadow brush.

You can use an eye liner to shape and outline around your eyes if you choose a more distinctive look. Next, use mascara to accentuate your eye lashes. Start at the base of the lashes and gradually move the wand upwards and apply as many coats as you desire. Twist the wand and move it in a curling motion to apply the mascara. After eye shadow application, brush out your lashes so they are smooth and well defined. makeup

The face is also an important area to consider when choosing cosmetic makeup.

Color and balance are two considerations to applying facial makeup. The cheeks should have a touch of color with the foundation gradually lighter as moving away to other sections of the face. It's a balance so the color blends lighter as you move away from the cheeks. There should be no sudden changes in cheek color as you blend from dark to light areas. Use a makeup brush for the blending process. Choose your colors within the same makeup family and match your mascara to your choice of clothing.   

When shopping online,

do your research to evaluate what is offered and look for discounts on your preferred brands. Look for beauty supplies. Many online cosmetic shops have free online consultation with beauty experts.  They will ask your skin type, the effect you are trying to create, your preferred brands and styles as well as colors. You'll find blush, eyeliner, makeup cases and a wide variety of other helpful beauty supplies.  It's always good to check the store's return policy. Lots of cosmetic stores will offer refunds.

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