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calvin klein eternity summer womens perfume

Summer fragrances

Summer fragrances are usually mild, fierichni, delicate and fresh. Summer is in full swing, so it’s time to take a look at the proposals of the perfume industry for the season. Here are some scents that you can keep smells lovely and fresh throughout the day.

DKNY – Summer

In the bottle just as beautiful and fresh as the very scent, DKNY Summer is perfect for summer. Reflects the change of seasons and the warmth and freshness of early summer, bright sun, good humor and freedom. This is a light scent with floral notes at the base and initial notes of small red fruits, but elegant and not girlish frivolity.

The most refreshing summer scent – Davidoff Summer Dive

For a refreshing scent in the summer heat which is better than cold water diving?Less fruity and feminine is most of the summer scents, but clean, sparkling and addictive. Includes ice time and citrus for flavor full of life and energy. Perfect for an exciting and action-packed summer.

CK  One Summer

Even the bottle screaming “refreshing and light summer with bright inviting colors.” As sunlight caught in a bottle. This is a fresh and fruity fragrance, perfect summer accessory.

Calvin Klein  Eternity Summer

A more subdued flavor of summer blown to cool breezes and quiet evenings in the summer grass. It is non-intrusive, but elegant and soothing. Some fine touches of flowers and spicy cool touch makes it ideal for any summer evening.

Jean Paul Gautier – Classique Summer Scent

Perfect to take you on a summer vacation without leaving home. This classic summer scent is subtle and romantic, reminiscent of sunsets and walks along the beach.

Escada – Taj Sunset

And the bottle and the fragrance itself cause your imagination to create a vivid picture of a summer filled with life and color. Recalls the bare feet in the sand and music. Contains hot and creamy notes, combined with the depth and freshness of summer fruit.

Michael Kors – Palm Beach

Fresh as a whiff of breeze, the scent of summer is a charming and fascinating.With its hints of tropical fruit and delicate jasmine will make you feel like you’re on the island. Elegant is not a pretentious.

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