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Calvin Klein unisex perfume ladies

Many women prefer unisex fragrance.

They contain feminine, but masculine aromatic notes and a profile that fits both genders. Not too sweet and floral, and thus fail to please a demanding taste of pretty ladies. If you’re among them, here are some sexy fresh proposals.

Calvin Klein One Summer

Not surprisingly, Calvin Klein offers a unisex perfume. In fact, few, as you will see.This however is one of the sexiest scents for the summer, thanks to the exotic blend of water fern, mandarin and lemon, sea breeze, melon, verbena, freesia, cedar, rhubarb and many other touches that make this fragrance ideal for men and for women.

Forest Rain by Kiehl

This fragrance is simply amazing. Only the name you can guess that it will smell fresh and natural, and will not be disappointed. It is very woody, fresh citrus notes long, underpinned by musk, which gives a wonderful effect. As a natural, refreshing burst sex in a bottle.

Dolce & Gabbana 18 La Lune

Perfumes of D & G have many admirers. 18 La Lune extremely sexy unisex fragrance, although at first may seem a bit more feminine floral surface for notes.The foundation, however, is something entirely different – it contains the freshness of juicy apple and sandalwood that perfectly balanced notes of lilies and irises. If you try, you will not be disappointed.

Calvin Klein One

This perfume is like classical, but still just as popular as years ago. The market is long, but hold positions – probably because its flavor is extremely durable. With complementary scents of bergamot, jasmine, violet and pineapple, papaya, and nutmeg and a hint of major amber and musk, it is the perfect choice for both sexes.

Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess

The name of this fragrance you hardly suggests that it is unisex, but you can trust us. Smells of musk and provocative glimpses of exotic, reminiscent of Egypt. I and the men and women, and act attracting for both sexes. What better than this?

Everyone in Lamis

Here’s another very sexy unisex scent combines bergamot, green tea and pineapple in a way that ensures its sweet notes in depth. Green tea lightens it makes it fresh and slightly sharp – perfect!

Calvin Klein Be

I warned you that there will be more Calvin Klein.Izglezhda he is the king of unisex fragrances. Be is a favorite of many women, perhaps because it is a little more masculine than feminine. Its oriental notes are amazing – musk, sandalwood, mandarin.

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